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Cutting and Installing Glass Stops
Like many of you, I've been spending a fair amount of time in the shop lately, trying to finish up a few Christmas gifts. One of those gifts is a small curio cabinet with inset glass doors.I used glass stops to hold the glass in place and thought I'd share some tips for adding glass stops cleanly -- and with a little style.

Since stops are such small strips to work with, it's safest to cut them from a larger blank. But rather than get the thickness planer out to make one 1/4"-thick blank, I cut a groove in both edges of a piece of 3/4"-thick stock.

The "style" is added by routing a small roundover or a chamfer on each corner of the blank. With the grooves cut and corners shaped, you simply rip the strips from the blank, keeping them to the waste side of the blade, as shown at right.

Because of their size, installing the stops can be a little tricky. A method I like to use is to drill small pilot holes before installing the wire brads. This keeps the stops from splitting and helps keep the brads safely away from the glass. Note: If you don't have a small drill bit, simply chuck one of the brads in your drill as a substitute bit.

Finally, a pair of needle nose pliers come in handy to hold the small brads while you drive them, as shown in the drawing at right.

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