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I'm one of those woodworkers who believes you can never have too many push blocks lying around. In fact, I have a few at my table saw, another at the jointer, and at least one more at my router table. This week's tip isn't a "new" push block design, it's a simple modification you can make to give your old push blocks a better grip. It was sent in recently by one of Woodsmith's readers, Carl Peterson of Port Hueneme, CA.

Since a lot of computer and office supply stores offer computer mouse pads for free or very little money, Carl uses these foam rubber pads to line his push blocks. All you have to do is use a utility knife to cut the pad to match the shape of the push block, as you can see in the photo above. Then it's glued in place with spray adhesive. Now you have a push block with a "hi-tech" grip.
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