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Doweling Jig Provides Alignment for Routing Mortises

I like to use mortise and tenon joinery in my woodworking projects because of its strength. I've cut mortises using various methods such as chopping them out with a chisel or roughing them out at the drill press, but for me routing is the quickest and easiest method.

The one drawback I experienced when routing mortises was getting my router aligned so the mortises were perfectly centered, particularly on narrow stock. I solved this problem by using my self-centering doweling jig to create a starter hole.

I align the jig over the mortise location and drill a hole the same width as the mortise. Then I position my router with the bit in the starter hole and slide the router's edge guide against the stock.

  Self-centering doweling jig
Insert bit in pilot hole and adjust edge guide flush with stock
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