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Circular Saw Cutoff Guide

A circular saw usually comes in pretty handy when working on outdoor projects. And one of the most common techniques it's useful for is cutting rabbets and dadoes in posts.

When I have to use a circular saw to cuts rabbets and dadoes in posts, I use a circular saw cutoff guide that I made from scrap plywood. One edge of the guide has a straight edge to ensure that cuts are straight and square with the stock. And a 45-degree angle on the other edge of the guide allows me to cut miters accurately (see Illustration below).

With this cutoff guide, making rabbets and dadoes is easy. I just align the straight edge of the guide on the post, and cut a series of kerfs with my circular saw to form the dado or rabbet. The closer the cuts are, the easier it will be to remove the waste (Fig. 1).

Then, I use a chisel to clear away the waste remaining in the joints. Pare down to the saw blade depth to complete the job (Fig. 2).

Sawhorse Roller Stand

  Sawhorse Roller Stand Figure 1

Sawhorse Roller Stand Figure 2

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