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Knock-Down Sawhorse Cutting Grid

Cutting down full sheets of plywood with a circular saw has always been a bit awkward. I usually lay the plywood sheet on supports on the floor and then have to crawl around to make the cut. But recently, I came up with a solution that makes the process a lot easier.

I made a simple cutting grid that fits over a pair of sawhorses, see drawing below. The grid is made up of interlocking strips of 3/4" plywood. The strips are all 4" wide. I cut two 8-foot long strips for the main rails and five 4-foot long strips for the cross rails. Then all the strips are notched so that they interlock to create a grid. I also notched the bottom edge of the long strips and the top edge of the sawhorses to hold the grid in place and keep it from moving.

The grid is assembled on top of the sawhorses by simply sliding the pieces together. Then I put the sheet of plywood I want to cut on top of the grid. I set the blade on my saw so that it cuts through the plywood and just barely starts to cut into the top edges of the grid. (If the rails get chewed up through use, it’s a simple matter to make some new ones.)

The nice thing about this cutting grid is that when I’m done using it, I can simply disassemble it and store it out of the way.

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