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Box Fan Filter

Like a lot of woodworkers, I made a cheap air cleaner for dust in my shop by attaching a furnace filter to a box fan. I just set the fan on my workbench whenever I’m sanding. It works so well that I decided to make a more permanent air cleaner.

I mounted the fan overhead, attaching it to the floor joists in my shop, see drawing. (You could mount it to the rafters if you have a garage shop.) I made a couple of brackets that bolt to the sides of the fan.

A hardboard strip attached to the bottom of each bracket creates a ledge for supporting the furnace filter, see detail in drawing at right. The brackets then get screwed directly to the joists.

When it’s turned on, the fan pulls the dusty air up and through the filter. The filtered air is then expelled into the cavity between the joists, where it can return to the shop. And when the filter gets clogged up with dust, I just slide it out and blow it off, or replace it altogether.

Woodworking Tip: Box Fan Filter

Woodworking Tip: Box Fan Filter

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