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Spindle Sander Jointer

At one time I didn't have a jointer in my shop. So I came up with a way to use my oscillating spindle sander to put a smooth, straight edge on a board.

To do this, you need to make a special "offset" fence to clamp to the sander table. As you can see in the drawings, the fence has a cutout that fits around the sanding drum. Then to create the offset, I trimmed about 1/32" off of the "infeed" side of the fence.

When you clamp the fence to the sander table, the outfeed edge should be flush with the sanding drum. To use the "jointer," just hold the workpiece tightly against the fence and slowly feed it across the drum.

Spindle Sander Jointer

Clamp fence to table so outfeed edge is flush with sanding drum.

Detail 'a'

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