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Squaring Box Corners for Gluing
Whenever I'm assembling a box or drawer, I feel like I need two pairs of hands - one to hold the assembly square and another to apply the clamps. To make things a little easier, I came up with some squaring blocks to help hold the pieces square while I clamp them together.

I made my squaring blocks out of plywood. The base is just a square piece of 3/4" plywood. The top layer is actually made up of three separate pieces of plywood, see detail drawing at right. The trick is to glue these three pieces down squarely to the base so that the space in between them matches the thickness of the workpieces you are clamping up.

To use the squaring blocks, simply place one under each corner of the assembly before clamping the pieces together.

woodworking tip squaring box corners for gluing

woodworking tip squaring box corners for gluing

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