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Knock-Down Worktable
It's always handy to have an extra worksurface when assembling or finishing a project. The only drawback is it often takes up too much space - space I just don't have in my workshop.

The knock-down workbench shown in the photo at right solves that problem. What's really nice about this worktable is that it can be assembled or taken apart in less than a minute, then stacked flat against a wall for storage. Plus, to build it, all you need is a single sheet of plywood and two small scraps. (There's a Cutting Diagram in the lower left corner of the drawing below.)
Exploded View and Cutting Diagram

To make the table sturdy, the legs and aprons are held together with the interlocking notches shown in the drawing at right. It's best to cut these notches just a bit oversize (1/16") so they slip together (and come apart) easily. And to prevent the top from shifting while you work, cut two cleats to fit between the aprons and attach them to the top.

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Bryan Nelson
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