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False Drawer Front Installation
The great thing about building drawers with false fronts is that it gives you a little breathing room. The drawer doesn't have to fit the opening perfectly. That's the false front's job. It's easier to trim a single board (the false front) to fit the opening rather than build and fit an entire drawer box to this size.

The problem is keeping the false front aligned until it's attached to the drawer box. I've used double-face tape with some success, but I recently tried a new approach that works pretty well.
You start by drilling four countersunk pilot holes (not shank holes) in the inside front of the drawer box. Then drive the false front mounting screws through the front of the drawer box so the tips protrude slightly. Once that's done, mount the drawer box in the cabinet as shown below.

When I have the false front trimmed to finished size, I shim it in the drawer opening to keep the gap uniform on all four sides. (Pennies make great shims for a 1/16" gap.) With the false front positioned, push it firmly against the tips of the mounting screws sticking out from the drawer box front, as shown below. A piece of tape stuck to the back of the false front can help you remove it from the opening.

Now, drill pilot holes in the back side of the false front on the four marks left by the screw tips. To attach the false front, line up the pilot holes you just drilled with the tips of the mounting screws and drive the screws. You may want to clamp the false front to the drawer box once you have the screws lined up. This just helps keep things in position in case one of the screws happens to wander.
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