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Finishing Easel
finishing easelApplying a finish to a door or flat project lying on a sawhorse can literally be a pain. So to ease the strain on my back and make it less tiring, I built an adjustable "easel" that holds the workpiece at a comfortable height, as you can see in the photo at right.

The main parts of the easel are a pair of uprights made from "two-by" material, see drawing below. These uprights have a couple notches that interlock quickly with the sawhorse. A rectangular notch in the bottom of each upright fits behind a stretcher screwed to the legs of the sawhorse, see detail 'b.' And an angled notch in the back edge determines the slope of the easel.

To keep the uprights from tipping, I added a pair of long dowels. By gluing and screwing one end of each dowel to the same upright, you can slide the other one on the dowels to adjust the easel for projects of different widths.
finishing easel Finally, a small dowel in the front edge of each upright supports the workpiece. To avoid wet finish sticking to the easel, I cut a piece of PVC pipe in half (lengthwise) on the band saw and then screwed one piece to each upright, see detail 'a.'

finishing easel

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