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An Easy Way to Calibrate A Miter Gauge

Here’s an easy way to determine if your table saw’s miter gauge is set at a 90-degree angle with the saw blade, and then fix it if it is not.

First, rip two pieces of scrap to the same width. Then stack them and crosscut one end using the miter gauge, as shown in Step 1. You’re trying to square up one end on both pieces. Now unfold the top piece like you’re turning a page, see Step 2 below.

woodworking tip calibrate a miter gauge

woodworking tip calibrate a miter gauge

Then set the pieces on edge with the cut ends butted together. If you notice a gap that’s wider at the top (Step 3a), adjust your miter gauge counter-clockwise. If the gap is wider at the bottom (Step 3b), adjust clockwise. Repeat the procedure until the ends fit square without any gap.

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