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Lid Chain Stay

Recently I built a blanket chest with a heavy, solid wood lid. I wanted to mount a brass chain stay between the chest side and the lid to the catch the lid and hold it in the open position. But the weight of the lid seemed like it would be too great for the one small mounting screw in the lid. To get around this, I came up with a different way to mount the chain to the lid.


weekly woodworking tip: lid chain stay

The method is pretty simple and the drawings at right explain it well. Instead of using a screw, I mounted the chain to the lid with a short length of 1/8"-dia. brass rod. First use a 1/2"-dia. Forstner bit to drill a 1/2" deep relief hole on the underside of the top, near the edge. Then drill a 1/8"-dia. intersecting hole in the edge of the top.
The chain is attached by simply tapping the brass rod through the hole in edge of the top and catching the last link of the chain in the relief hole as shown in the detail. The other end of the chain can be screwed to the chest side.
weekly woodworking tip: lid chain stay
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