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Sander Platform

Recently, I built a large bookcase that had a lot of shelves. While sanding, I quickly became annoyed at having to turn off the sander and wait for it to stop vibrating before I could set it down. I tried simply setting the sander down on its side without turning it off, but the vibrations caused it to fall off the bench and onto the floor. Finally, I came up with a better solution.

I created a small platform for my sander. It's just a piece of hardboard with a few scrap pieces glued to the top to create a "holding pen." A piece of carpet is glued down to the hardboard, inside the "fenced" area, as shown in the drawing at right.

The platform just sits on top of my workbench (you can clamp it to the workbench if you want). When I want to set my sander down, I just place it in the carpeted area without turning it off.

The carpet absorbs the vibrations of the sander and keeps it from jumping off the bench. But there's another benefit as well. The fibers of the carpet actually help clean dust and debris off the sandpaper.

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