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Wide-Angle Miter Saw Jig

A miter saw is a handy tool around the shop for a number of jobs. But what if you need to make angled cuts beyond 45 degrees? My solution was to build a jig that held the workpiece perpendicular to the fence on the miter saw (see photo). Then I just rotated the saw a few degrees to make the steeply angled cuts.

The jig consists of a ¼” hardboard base and two wood blocks fastened to it with screws (Assembly View). The block attached to the back edge is used to clamp the jig to the metal fence on the miter saw.

weekly woodworking tip:  Wide-Angle Miter Saw Jig

The second block serves as a right-angle fence that’s used to position the workpiece and to clamp it in place. Note: Be sure to square the fence to the clamp block (Top View).

Since the fence holds the workpiece at 90 degrees, the cut will be at the complementary angle of the setting on the miter saw. For example, if you rotate the saw table 10 degrees to the right, you’ll end up making an 80 degree angled cut. So with that in mind, set the saw to the proper angle.

weekly woodworking tip:  Wide-Angle Miter Saw Jig

Then lay out the angled cut line on the workpiece, and clamp the piece to the right-angle fence. Now simply position the jig so the blade aligns with the layout mark, clamp the jig in place, and make the cut.

weekly woodworking tip:  Wide-Angle Miter Saw Jig
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