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Clamping Station for Panel Glue-Ups

It seems that no matter how many clamps I own, it’s never enough when it comes time to glue up a number of solid-wood panels. I’ve toyed with the idea of investing in more clamps, but decided I could come up with something that would work just as well and cost a lot less.


My solution is a simple clamping station. I started with a plywood base that was wider than the panels I needed to glue up. Then I screwed some cleats to the plywood. The cleats were spaced so the panel would fit between them with about ¼” gap on each side. Once I edge-glue the boards that make up the panel, I use a few clamps to hold them together on one end. Then I position the panel in my clamping station.


Clamping Station for Panel Glue-Ups

By tapping wood wedges between the cleats and the panel, I was able to apply enough pressure to hold the pieces firmly while the glue set up (see Illustration). This simple solution made my clamp supply go quite a bit further.

This clamping station will work for different-sized panels as well. If you make your clamping station with a wide enough plywood base, you can adjust it to the width of different panels by simply moving the cleats.

Have a nice weekend,

Wyatt Myers
Online Editor, Workbench

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