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Multi-Purpose Sawhorses

I bet you've got a pair of old sawhorses in your shop or garage. Here's a couple of quick modifications you can make to them so that they're even more versatile.

My sawhorses get used mostly for "rough" work, but they also make a great finishing stand. I simply added some removeable pads to the top of my sawhorses. These "two-by" pads are wrapped with carpet so they won't scratch the surface of a project, see photo at right. And to hold the pads in place, there are dowels on the bottom that fit into holes drilled in the tops of the horses, see drawing and detail 'a' below.

Another quick modification you can make is to add a simple L-shaped bracket to the side of each sawhorse, see detail 'b' below. As you can see in the photo here, these brackets help to hold sheets of plywood so I can cut them down to a more manageable size. Because the plywood is held vertically, I don't have to stretch to cut all the way across the sheet.

I also use the L-brackets and an old piece of plywood as a backer board when I need to spray a project with a coat of paint or finish.

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