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Sanding Long Notches

Occasionally, I build a project that requires cutting a long notch in a workpiece. That's the easy part. (I just use a jig saw.) The trick is sanding the rough edge straight and smooth. When I use a drum sander in the drill press, I often end up with a scalloped edge.

To prevent this, I use a long fence that's notched to fit around the drum sander, see drawing. With the "feet" of the workpiece riding against the fence, it's easy to sand a straight edge.

But to sand across the entire thickness of the edge, you'll also need a base with a hole cut in it to accept the drum sander, see detail 'a.'
After lowering the drum sander into the hole and locking the quill, clamp the base to the drill press table. Then position the fence to sand to the desired depth and clamp it in place, see detail 'b.'

Now just turn on the drill press, and push the workpiece into the drum sander until is contacts the fence. Note: Start at the right end of the notch. Then slowly feed the workpiece from left to right.

sanding long notches

sanding long notches sanding long notches

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