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Glue Bottle Tote

When it comes to gluing up a project, I can never seem to remember where I left the glue bottle the last time I used it. And once I find the glue bottle, I’m forever shaking it and pounding on it as if it were a bottle of ketchup, trying to get the glue to come out.

My solution was to make this simple glue bottle tote. It hangs on the wall and holds the glue bottle upside down so it’s ready to go at a moment’s notice. And the nice thing is that you can lift the glue bottle — tote and all — off the wall and carry it to wherever you are working.

The tote is made from a few small scraps, see drawing. The back plate and shelf are cut from 3/4"-thick stock. (I used pine.) A hole drilled in the shelf holds the glue bottle, and a dado cut in the back plate supports the shelf.

The bottom is just a piece of 1/4" hardboard, glued and screwed to the end of the back plate. It allows the tote to stand up on a bench and catches any drops of glue.

A slot cut near the top of the tote allows you to slip it over a wall mounted hanger. I added another small strip of hardboard to the top of the back plate for reinforcement.

The hanger is just a block of 3/4"-thick stock screwed to the wall. A hardboard tab glued and screwed to the hanger supports the tote.

Glue Bottle Tote

Glue Bottle Tote

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