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Miter Gauge Setup

Here's a quick way to set the miter gauge on your table saw to 45°. All it takes is a framing square and a little geometry. The idea is to form a right isosceles triangle using the framing square and miter gauge slot. (An isosceles triangle has two equal sides.)

Start by setting the framing square on top of the table saw. Now align the same increment on each leg of the square with the edge of the miter gauge slot. (The 6" increment is shown in the drawing at right.)

Next loosen the lock knob on the miter gauge and gently snug the head up against the framing square as shown in the photo. The miter gauge is now set at exactly 45°. After tightening the lock handle, you're ready to cut a perfect miter.

For accurate results, the saw blade must be parallel to the miter gauge slot. Also, check to make sure your framing square is truly square.

Miter Gauge Setup

Miter Gauge Setup
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