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Solid-Wood Edgebanding

Normally, applying thin solid-wood edgebanding to a drawer can be a lot of fuss. First you have to rip the thin strips to a consistent thickness, which isn't as easy as it sounds. Then you need to clamp them just right (if you can even find enough clamps) so you don't end up with slightly wavy edgebanding.

To streamline things a bit, I like to use a slightly different approach that involves gluing a wide piece of hardwood to the edge of my plywood drawer parts (Fig. 1). Then rip the edgebanding to final width (Fig. 2).

Now simply glue the cutoff to the next piece that needs to be edgebanded. Then rip to width as before and repeat the process until all of your drawer parts have been banded.
Solid-wood edgebanding

Solid-wood edgebanding

Solid-wood edgebanding

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