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Sandpaper Dispenser

This dispenser is a nifty way to hold rolls of sandpaper. Plus, it makes it easy to pull out just the right amount of sandpaper and tear off a piece. Each dispenser consists of a short length of 4" PVC pipe and a cutoff hacksaw blade, as in Fig. 1. The sandpaper feeds out through a slot in the pipe.

The easiest way I found to cut this slot is to use a ¼" straight bit in a table-mounted router. To prevent the pipe from rotating during the cut, clamp a scrap of wood to each end, like you see in Fig. 2. It's best to cut through the pipe in several passes.
Sandpaper Dispenser
After securing the hacksaw blade in place with epoxy, the dispenser is simply screwed to a wall-mounted plate.

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Sandpaper Dispenser
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