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Tall Featherboard

I use my table saw when cutting a groove in the edge of a workpiece. To keep tall pieces stable during the cut I made a featherboard that applies pressure over a wider area of the board.

As you can see in the photo, my design doesn't look like a traditional featherboard. I use a piece of thin hardboard that acts like a spring to apply pressure to the workpiece. The hardboard fits snuggly into an angled saw kerf cut into an L-shaped block. The hardboard can easily be adjusted to accomodate different thicknesses of stock.

Tall Featherboard

And the featherboard doesn't need clamps to hold it in place. The L- shaped block is attached to a slotted runner that fits in the miter gauge slot of the table saw (Fig.1). When a pair of wing nuts are tightened, the runner expands and is wedged tightly into the miter gauge slot ( Fig.1a).

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Ted Raife
Online Editor, Woodsmith
  Tall Featherboard  

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