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Knock-Down Clamping Table

Trying to glue up large panels or frames on a small workbench can be difficult. I often found myself working in the middle of the floor. So, I built this simple knock-down clamping table to make the job a little easier.

As you can see in the drawing at right, the table is just a couple of 2x4 rails that sit on a pair of sawhorses. The rails are notched at both ends to allow them to fit over the sawhorses. A series of V-notches along the top of each rail holds the pipe clamps (see detail a.).

I spaced the notches for the clamps about 12" apart. And to avoid a "knuckle buster" situation, I made sure the notches for the sawhorses weren't directly under one of the clamp notches.

To use the table I just place the rails over the sawhorses and then set the clamps into the notches. The rails can be placed closer or further apart to accommodate different lengths of clamps. When I'm all done, I just lift off the rails and store them in the corner.
Knock-Down Clamping Table

Knock-Down Clamping Table

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