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Applying Veneer

A piece of veneer with swirling grain can turn a project into something special. But adding highly-figured veneer to a panel takes a little more care than just slapping it in place and clamping it in a veneer press. Many times it's important that the veneer pattern ends up centered on the panel.

Applying Veneer

Applying Veneer
First, select the best-looking area from a sheet of veneer, cut a mask the same size as the panel you want to cover from a piece of cardboard (see the photo above right). Then trim the veneer to rough size.

Now to glue the veneer to the panel, I like to use contact cement. This way, once the pieces touch, they won't slip, as they might with a liquid glue. Of course, that means the pieces must be in the right positions before they're pressed together.

One way to do this is to put a piece of waxed paper between the panel and the veneer (Fig. 1). This allows you to position the veneer over the panel before pulling the waxed paper out slowly. Once the pieces have made contact, firm pressure from a roller ensures a tight bond.

Finally, the edges of the veneer can be trimmed cleanly by turning the panel upside down and running a razor knife along the edges of the panel, as you can see in Fig. 2.

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  Applying Veneer

Applying Vener
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