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Small Parts Caddy

In my workshop I use plastic 35mm film containers for storing all sorts of small parts. To make it easy to carry these containers to where I’m working, I made the simple caddy shown at right.

The caddy is just an L-shaped assembly. It can be made to just about any size to accommodate almost any number of film containers. And when I’m finished using the caddy, I just hang it on a wall-mounted cleat.

The containers fit into holes drilled in the hardboard shelf. As you can see in the detail drawing, I sized the holes so that the lids of the containers rest on top of the shelf. This way, the containers won’t fall through the holes.

A block is attached to each end of the shelf. The two blocks prevent the caddy from tipping over when I set it on my workbench. Once the blocks are attached to the shelf, a shelf cleat is cut to fit between the blocks. To hang the caddy, the shelf cleat simply slips into a rabbet cut in the wall cleat.
Small Parts Caddy
Small Parts Caddy

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