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Disc Flattener

Sanding discs tend to curl up when not in use. I find this a real hassle when trying to place a PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) or hook and loop disc on my sander, especially if I don’t get it on straight the first time. So I came up with a small shop jig that helps keep them flat.

First cut two pieces of wood (6" x 6") and clamp them together. Then using one of the discs as a template, trace two holes opposite from one another. Finally drill 5/16"-dia. holes.

In the base, glue in 3"-long dowels to reach through a stack of discs and into the cap. I oversized the holes in the cap to make sure it fit over the dowels with ease. The weight of the cap keeps the discs flat. But depending on the number of discs, you may need to add extra weight to make sure they stay flat.

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