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Shelf Pin Jig

Shelf Pin Jig I like drilling shelf pin holes in the top, bottom, and both sides of a box so that it can be used vertically or horizontally. But that means aligning and spacing of all those holes becomes fairly critical. After all, you don't want crooked or wobbly shelves. Nothing works better for uniform spacing than a layout jig.

I use a simple jig made out of 3/4"-thick scrap material (see Shelf Pin Jig). The jig leaves a starter dimple at each hole. The dimples help keep the bit from wandering.

Simply mark the position of the first hole, line up the jig on top of the hole location, and lightly tap the two nails. Then slide the jig so its end is over the second dimple, and tap the nails again to mark the next pair of holes.

Have a nice weekend,

Kevin Shoesmith
Online Editor, Workbench

Shelf Pin Jig

Shelf Pin Jig

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