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Putty Trick

When filling some nail holes with putty, I sometimes smear the putty around without too much thought. This can cause problems if the putty is lighter than the wood around it, which results in large ugly blotches (instead of tiny nail-sized spots). Fortunately, I found a better way to fill the holes with less mess.

Before even picking up the hammer and nails, first I applied a strip of masking tape. Then I nailed and set the heads like I normally would.

Finally, force the putty into the holes and remove the tape. The small “bump” of putty that remains can be easily sanded away.

Have a nice weekend,

Brian McCallum
Online Editor, Woodsmith

  Putty Trick
Start by appling a piece of masking tape and then nail right through it.

Putty Trick
After the heads are filled with putty, the tape can be removed.

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