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Clamping Helpers

Recently, I ran out of clamps while gluing up a large case for an entertainment center. Instead of running out and buying additional clamps, I made two helpers right in my shop. Now I can use them anytime I need help squaring up a large project.

The first helper (see Fig. 1) is a simple wedge that fits between the case and bar clamp. Not only does it hold the sides of the case tight to the top and bottom pieces, but it also means I no longer need clamps from side to side.

The second helper (see Fig. a) is a corner block that helps square the sides to the top and bottom of the case. This corner clamping block is made out of an 8"-square piece of plywood. Cutting the block to create two "ears" will provide the reach you need for your clamps. Go ahead and notch the inside corner, too. This will allow for glue squeeze-out.

Have a nice weekend,

Kevin Shoesmith
Online Editor, Workbench

Clamping Helpers

Clamping Helpers

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