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Two Quick Shop Projects
Here are a couple of quick "projects" that will help your shop stay a little more organized. Plus, you can make them in about five minutes or so.

Pegboard Clip

Cutting from a parts list? Making a note of things to pick up at the hardware store? The simple pegboard clip (shown at left) will keep the list from getting buried. To make it, just drill a hole through a clothes pin and glue in a short length of 1/4" dowel.


Sharp Tool Holder

For a long time, I stored my small scribing, marking, and cutting tools in a drawer. But I got tired of having to dig around to find them. Plus with the tools sliding around each time the drawer was opened and closed, it was hard to keep the blades sharp for very long.

To solve this problem, I built a small wood box, see the photo at left. Nothing fancy. The corners are joined with rabbets, and the bottom is a piece of 1/4" hardboard.
The trick to keeping the tools handy (and the blades sharp) is a small piece of dense foam insulation (blue board). It's cut to fit inside the box and allows the tools to stand on end. And when the foam gets too "chewed up," I just flip it over or replace it.
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