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Slip-On Clamp Blocks

When edge gluing boards, I use scrap blocks to distribute the clamping pressure and avoid marring the edges. But sometimes the blocks shift out of position or fall to the floor before I get the clamps tightened. To solve this problem, I made a number of U-shaped clamp blocks that slip over the edge and stay right where I put them (see photo).

The secret is a piece of self-adhesive weatherstrip (see inset) attached to the top and bottom of the “jaws” of each block. When you slip the block over the edge of the workpiece, it compresses the weatherstrip, as you can see in the drawing below. This provides just the right amount of resistance to hold the block in place.

Making the clamp blocks is easy. Especially if you start by gluing up a couple long pieces of hardboard to a piece of ¾"-thick stock. After attaching the weatherstripping, all you need to do is cut the individual blocks to length.

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Bryan Nelson
Online Editor, ShopNotes
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