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Corner Clamp

Whenever I’m assembling mitered frames, I have a difficult time holding the frame pieces in position while gluing or installing fasteners. But instead of buying an expensive corner clamp, I made my own using a couple of pipe clamps, as shown in the photo.

To do this, I simply attached the clamps to a couple of short lengths of black pipe that thread into a “T” fitting. Then the whole assembly is fastened to a 3/4" plywood base. A notch cut in one corner of the plywood provides clearance for assembling the frame pieces. And a couple of large screws fasten the clamp assembly to the base.

To support the frame pieces while they’re in the clamps, I added supports along the edges and down the middle of the base, as you can see in the lower drawing.
Router Table Indexing Jig

Router Table Indexing Jig
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