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Swing-Out Tool Bar

Space is almost always at a premium in a woodworking shop. Especially when it comes to wall space. So I’m always looking for ways to "increase" the usable space I have. That’s the idea behind this wall-mounted tool bar shown in the drawing at right. Besides holding a number of hand tools, the bar swings out from the wall. This provides easy access to additional tools mounted behind the tool bar.

The tool bar consists of three parts: a pivot arm with a number of holes drilled in it to hold the tools, a pair of support blocks that “sandwich” the arm between them, and a mounting plate that attaches to the wall.

Before assembling the tool bar, I cut an arc on the outside end of each support block and on both ends of the pivot arm. This removes the sharp corners, and it allows the pivot arm to swing freely without binding. To create a pivot point, I used a bolt that passes through a hole in each support block and the pivot arm.

Tightening a lock nut on the end of the bolt so it’s just snug holds the arm in place, yet still allows it to pivot.

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Bryan Nelson
Online Editor, ShopNotes

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