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Handy Casing Cutting Jig

To dress up a plain-looking casement around a window and door, you don't have to replace all the moldings. Just add built-up pediments or corner blocks as you can see in the two photos at right.
Casing Cutting Jig Casing Cutting Jig
But first, you need to remove the section of casing you plan to replace. To do this, I used a jig that helped me make clean, accurate cuts. It's just three pieces of stock screwed together to create a ledge for a small handsaw (see drawing).

Using the jig is even easier than building it. To make the cuts, hold the jig flush against the casing (outside edge for lefthand side, inside edge for righthand side). For an accurate cut, the top of the jig should butt flush underneath the top casing (see photo below right).

It's a good idea to use some painter's tape to protect the wall while you're cutting. Even still, you'll probably have to touch up a few scratches on the wall when you're finished.
  Casing Cutting Jig
    Casing Cutting Jig
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