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Overhead Storage Shelf

Finding extra storage space is always a problem, especially for seasonal items that don't get used that often. In the latest issue of Workbench magazine, you'll find five quick storage projects to help you get your entire garage in order in a single weekend. Here's one of them - a wide, lightweight overhead shelf.

Besides providing plenty of storage space, the shelf you see here makes good use of wall space that usually goes to waste.
The shelf is made by cutting a standard hollow-core interior door in half. You can make two shelves out of one door. If you don't have a spare door lying around, you can buy one for about $20.
To support the veneer skin of the door along the cut edge, I screwed a filler block along the inside edge of the door, as shown in the drawing at right. To hang the shelf, simply attach it to a cleat that's lag screwed to the wall (see detail a).

One last thing. You'll need to support the front edge of the shelf, too. I used a pair of brackets made out of ½" electrical conduit for this (see detail b). You can crimp the ends in a vise, then screw one end to the shelf and attach the other end to a wall stud

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