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Knock-Down Work Support
When cutting sheet goods or assembling a large project, an extra work surface sure comes in handy. But I don't have room in my shop for a permanent "fixture."

So instead, I use a work surface that "knocks down" in seconds. The key is a pair of metal joist hangers attached to each of my sawhorses, see photo above. (Joist hangers are available at most home centers.)

The hangers act as "pockets" that hold a couple of 2x4 stretchers, as shown in the drawing below. Fitting the ends of the stretchers down into the joist hangers creates a large, sturdy work support.

To keep the stretchers from accidentally slipping out of the hangers, they fit onto a metal pin in each hanger. This "locking" pin is just a bolt that passes through a hole drilled in the joist hanger, as shown in the drawing at right. Tightening a nut on the end of each bolt holds it in place. To fit the stretcher over the bolt and nut, all you need to do is drill a pair of counterbores near the end of each stretcher.

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