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Drill Press Fence

In the past, I used to just clamp a board to my drill press table whenever I needed a fence. But trying to position the fence was awkward. So I came up with a fence design that is easier to use and incorporates a stop block.

One end of the fence is attached to a plywood base with a carriage bolt and a threaded knob. This allows you to swing the fence in or out. The “free” end of the fence is then secured to the base with a small clamp, see drawing.

The fence is made out of two pieces of 1½"-thick stock. But before gluing them together, I cut a groove and a rabbet along one edge of each piece, see detail ‘a.’ This creates a slot for the stop block and toilet bolt when the two halves of the fence are glued together.

The base is just a piece of ¾"-thick plywood that is mounted to the drill press table with carriage bolts, see detail ‘b.’

The stop block has a tongue that rides in the slot on the fence. To create the tongue, rabbets are cut along the top and bottom edges of the block. (To be safe, you'll want to start with an extra long blank.) Then a hole is drilled through the block to allow for a toilet bolt, washer, and wing nut.

Have a nice weekend,

Jon Garbison
Online Editor, Woodsmith

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