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Sheet Goods Cart

Storing assorted scrap pieces of plywood and MDF is always difficult. Because of their size, these sheets usually end up leaned against the wall, taking up valuable wall space. And the larger pieces always seem to hide the smaller pieces, making them hard to find.

To solve this problem, I built the cart you see at right for storing and organizing sheet goods. The cart has two sides. One side is designed to hold larger pieces. And the other is made to store smaller sheets and plastic buckets for small odds and ends of various sizes.

Example Drawing

The cart is built using 2x4’s for the base and uprights. Lengths of 3/4″ PVC pipe are used to make partitions for holding larger sheets on one side of the cart. A single PVC pipe is used on the other side and provides a place to hook a bungee cord for holding smaller pieces and plastic storage buckets in place.

I placed the cart on a set of casters. This way, it’s easy to move around.

Good woodworking,

Phil Huber
Editor, ShopNotes

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