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Sandpaper Organizer

Photo Each time I changed sandpaper on my random orbital sander, it meant searching to find the right disk. And when I found one, it was often bent or curled up. So I built the sandpaper organizer shown at right.

The organizer lets me store three different grits of sandpaper. It takes up very little space and keeps the the disks flat.

Drawing To build the organizer, cut four round plates from ¾″ MDF. Then use a hand saw to cut an alignment mark on the edge of each plate.

Next, drill 3/8″-dia. holes in the top plate (Top View below). You can then use it as a template for locating the ¼″-dia. through holes in each plate that accept the alignment dowels. As you can see in the drawing, there are three in each plate. Finally, drill 3/8″-dia. holes in the plates for each of the dowels to slide through.

Top View

To use the organizer, place sandpaper on the bottom plate. Next, line up the saw kerf on the edge of the second plate with the bottom plate and slide the second plate over the dowels. Then continue to add sandpaper and plates until it’s filled.

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Online Editor, ShopNotes

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