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Portable Assembly Station

Portable Assembly Station Illustration

Figs. 1, 1a, 2, and 2a My workshop is small. And I don’t have room for extra workbenches and assembly tables. So I built the portable table you see illustrated here. It can be set up for use and then quickly taken down and stored along the wall of my shop when it isn’t needed.

The top of the table is simply a plywood box that’s notched at the sides. That way, the top can can sit securely on a pair of folding sawhorses. A handle located on each side makes it easy to lift and move for set up and storage.

Figs. a and b The sawhorses are designed to fold for easy storage. The legs are two pairs of 2x4’s angled at the top end and bolted to 1x4 top rails. The two top rails are then connected by a hinge, like you see in Figure 1. To assemble the sawhorse, you’ll first want to screw the hinges to the top rail and then remove the hinge pins. Next, bolt the legs to the rails and then re-install the hinge pins. A piece of chain keeps the legs from extending too far.

Now, when you pick up the sawhorse by a top rail, the legs close up. Just squeeze the top rails together and the legs spring open.

To see a few other workbenches and workstation ideas, just visit PlansNOW.

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