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Corner Clamping Blocks

Large Corner Clamping Blocks Whenever I glue up a case, it’s always a challenge to spread the glue in the joint, assemble and square up the parts, and then install the clamps before the glue sets up. To make the job easier, I made a set of large corner clamping blocks, like you see in the photo at the right, to use with band clamps.

I started with square blocks of 2x6 stock so the corner blocks would be wider than the straps of the band clamp. Then I used a 1¾″-dia. Forstner bit to drill a hole in the center of the block. This hole lets the block fit around the corner without marring the case and leaves a space for any glue that might squeeze out around the joint.

In order for the blocks to fit around the case, a 90° notch is cut. To make this notch, you’ll need to make a simple jig (illustration and photo below). You’ll use this jig and the miter gauge on your table saw to hold the corner block firmly in place while you make two cuts in the block at right angles to one another.

Illustration and photo

A cleat screwed to the top of the jig holds the workpiece down. And a stop block along one side keeps the workpiece in position as the cut is made on the table saw.

To make the cuts, set your miter gauge to 45°, align the block and jig to the blade, and then attach the jig to the miter gauge. Next, place the block in the jig with the wood grain parallel to the miter gauge and cut the first angle. Then flip the block over and make a second cut.

Four clamping blocks work for small assemblies. But for larger cases, you may need to use two blocks in each corner. Just position the clamping blocks at each corner and tighten the band clamp around the blocks.

Good Woodworking,

Phil Huber
Online Editor, ShopNotes

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