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Under Stair Storage

In a basement workshop, storage space is always at a premium. So it pays to take advantage of any available nook and cranny. To this end, I put the “dead” space under the stairs to good use by installing a handy lumber rack.


The drawing above shows the basic concept. First, I erected a pair of 2x4 uprights running from the floor to the underside of the stair stringers. Then I attached horizontal 1x2 support cleats between the uprights and the stringers. The cleats are fit beneath every other stair tread and are screwed in place. Finally, I cut some ¾″ plywood shelves to rest across the cleats. You’ll find that the varying depth of the shelves provides you with versatile lumber storage and makes great use of otherwise wasted space.

Good Woodworking,

Ted Raife
Online Editor, Woodsmith

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