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Pipe Clamp Stand

Photo I have a wall full of pipe clamps in my shop. And most woodworkers would agree that they’re a great, low-cost clamping option. But at times relying on pipe clamps can generate some frustration. The small “feet” on the clamp heads don’t provide a very stable platform, allowing them to tip over easily. And little clearance for the handle can make tightening the clamps a challenge.

I was able to put an end to both these problems by making some stands for my pipe clamps. The stands, shown in the photo, give the clamps a very stable footing, as well as creating extra clearance for the handle.

Drawing 1 The construction details are shown in the drawings at right. You’ll start by cutting a length of 2x stock to width and then rabbeting both sides of one edge. This creates a narrow tongue that accommodates the screw head. Then you can cut the individual blocks to shape. Drill a couple of counterbored holes for the U-bolt and the stand is ready to be installed.

Drawing 2

A bonus is that the stands can be added to the clamps or removed in a snap. And now, when I get the glue out for an assembly, I have one less concern.

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Ted Raife
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