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Dowel Pin Cutting Jig

Cutting multiple short dowel pins can be tedious work. So I made a simple dowel pin cutting jig to speed things up.

This jig only takes a few minutes to make and set up on your table saw. Then it’s easy to quickly cut dowels to equal length without measuring.

It’s simply a block of wood with a hole drilled through it the same size as the dowel to be cut (see drawing below). The block is then clamped to an auxillary fence on the miter gauge.


To use the jig, first cut a kerf in the block at the desired length of the dowel. Next, pass the dowel into the hole. Position it flush with the end of the hole and make a cut. Then you can quickly push it through again to cut the next dowel pin to the same exact length.

I made blocks to accommodate several dowel sizes. That way I’m ready to size dowel pins when the need arises.

Good Woodworking,

Phil Huber
Online Editor, ShopNotes

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