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Magnetic Tool Storage

Time in the shop shouldn’t be spent on a game of hide and seek. But too often my layout tools were hiding and I was wasting time looking for them. I finally decided to put an end to the game and came up with a solution — a magnetic tool holder.

My tool keeper is a strip of hardboard that holds a row of rare-earth magnets. The magnets match the thickness of the hardboard and are epoxied into through holes. This allows the tool holder to stick to the stand of my table saw while at the same time keeping my rules and squares in plain sight and easily accessible.

I also adapted my workbench to accommodate the holder by installing a pair of cup washers to the edge of the benchtop, as you can see in the photo. It turned out to be a pretty simple way to put an end my frustrating tool searches.

Good Woodworking,

Ted Raife
Online Editor, Woodsmith

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