Woodsmith Tips

Hide-Away Workbench

Workspace is at a premium in my small shop. So I built a workbench that folds down from the wall like an ironing board.

I made it sturdy enough to handle most tasks. But best of all, it folds away into the wall when I don’t need it.


The workbench is easy to build. In the drawing above, you can see it’s sized to fit into the space between two wall studs. The top is simply a piece of ¾″ MDF.

A 2×4 wall support between the studs provides an anchor point for the bench. And a pair of hinges fastens the bench to the wall support. This makes it easy to pull the bench down and store it away again.

A stabilizing leg, attached to the end of the workbench with a hinge, can be quickly lowered to support the bench. The leg folds out of the way when the bench is stored in the wall, as illustrated in detail ‘a.’

Good Woodworking,

Phil Huber
Online Editor, ShopNotes

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