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Handy Holdfast Clamp

Photo My workbench doesn’t have holes for bench dogs. And this makes it hard to hold some pieces in place whenever I need to work on them.

To solve this problem, I made the holdfast clamp you see in the photo. The adjustable vise-clamp allows you to hold down and quickly reposition materials of varied size, shape, and thickness. It clamps to any table or bench and can be quickly removed when you need to clear the worksurface for other work.

To make the clamp, first cut a piece of ¾″ plywood to size. Then drill a series of 15/32″ holes about 1½″ from one edge so there’s room to tighten the nut below. These holes accept the bolt of the vise-clamp for repositioning the clamp.

Using the clamp is easy. Just clamp the board to a bench or table and secure the vise-clamp in one of the holes. Then adjust the tension on the handle and clamp the workpiece in place.

Good Woodworking,

Phil Huber
Online Editor, ShopNotes

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