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Pipe Clamp Glue-up Rack

My shop has no room for an auxiliary table for glue-ups. And I don’t like the mess and distraction of having to do these glue-ups on my workbench. So to solve this problem I use a wall system that holds my pipe clamps whenever I need to do assembly and gluing tasks. This makes for efficient use of my space.

My glue-up rack is nothing more than a series of cleats with holes bored to accept the ends of the clamps. To make it, I first screwed 2x4’s alongside the wall studs in my shop. Since I needed to drill a number of holes for the pipe clamps, I wanted to be sure to maintain the structural integrity of the original framing in my shop.


I spaced the holes 10″ apart and made sure they lined up level from cleat to cleat, like you see in the photo above. This way I can do a number of glue-ups at one time if I need to.

Once the glue-up is done, it’s easy to remove the pipe clamps from the wall.

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Phil Huber
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