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Note Caddy

Photo 1 I like to keep a pencil and paper close at hand for writing quick notes or hardware needs around the shop. The problem is not always being able to find the paper and pencil. So I built a small caddy to help me record and keep track of these notes when I’m working in the shop.

It uses a roll of adding machine paper and contains a paper cutter and pencil holder for convenience.

The roll of adding machine paper spins on a piece of dowel cut to fit a slot in the plywood body. You’ll want to size the body according to the width of the paper roll you use.

I made the note caddy out of scrap ½″ plywood. First I cut the parts to size (see the drawing). Then I took a piece of ¾″ plywood and made three dadoes to form the pencil holder on one side.


Drawing A bevel cut across the back piece allows you to hang the note caddy on a cleat mounted to the wall (see photo at left). It can also be quickly removed from the cleat when needed.

I added a piece of hardboard to the front for a smooth writing surface. A piece of hacksaw blade makes a handy way to cut the paper. And a length of wire on the top holds the paper down and keeps it always ready for use.

Good Woodworking,

Phil Huber
Online Editor, ShopNotes

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